Featured project: Bill Shankly letter

Dave came to me with two pieces and a lovely story..... He had a letter, which he framed years ago, from Bill Shankly. In 1965, Dave, who had been a Liverpool fan for many years, had injured his leg in an accident so could not stand and queue for hours for Derby game tickets, so he wrote to Bill Shankly asking if he could help. Mr Shankly sent Dave the tickets along with the letter.

The letter on display

Recently, Dave saw an article in the local paper appealing for Shankly memorabilia for a new hotel, dedicated to the local hero. Dave sent them a copy of his letter. The hotel invited Dave to stay for a night, with a guided tour.

Protecting for posterity

Dave's letter and story were displayed in the hotel, on the ceiling of one of the rooms. Dave's son requested a print of the display which came in a poster form. Sadly, the letter heading had become rather faded over the years, so I recommended that I re-frame it using conservation materials and the highest level of UV protective glass to prevent any further degradation and that I do the same for the poster, so both would be protected for posterity. Dave now has them both proudly displayed in his home.