Picture Framing Services and Pricing

The Frame Studio is a home based business, which allows me to keep prices very competitive and I can offer products and work to suit most budgets.

My prices are generally lower that the online, "buy it and put it together yourself" websites. However, I offer a high quality service and will always work to the exceptionally high standards set by the Fine Art Trade Guild. These standards are intended to protect and preserve your precious items.

Basic Framing

I can provide a simple and economic standard, suited to items such as certificates, diplomas, some standard size photographs, prints and low-cost wall-art. Although this provides easily affordable framing, the quality of workmanship remains the same.

Price Guide:
Starting at around £45.00.

This price is based on a single A4 image (29.7 cm x 22 cm), with a single mount and depends on the moulding style and finish chosen.

Quality Framing

Offering something with more decorative style and flair to suit artworks or special occasion photographs, without having to spend too much, taking (mainly 2D) artwork and turning it into something that is unique: an ideal way of creating a thoughtful and personalised gift for someone. A more expensive style of moulding is used, together with double- mounts or spaced-frames.

Price Guide:
Starting at around £60.00.

This price is based on a single A4 image (29.7cm x 22cm), with a double-mount or spaced-frame and depends on moulding style and finish chosen.

Bespoke Framing

This covers all work where I plan design and complete the framing to suit your exact requirements. Great care is taken at the consultation stage to ensure that everything is tailored to match the work and your vision. The type of work included will typically be:

  • fabric based art
  • framing canvases
  • memorabilia (including sports shirts, medals etc)
  • box framings of mementos, models, etc.
  • multiple images or combinations of 2D and 3D items
  • specialised mounts, slips and filets
  • colouring and finishing timber mouldings

Price Guide:
Prices for bespoke framing will be quoted after consultation and a specification has been agreed upon.

Conservation Framing

This is a level of framing that conforms to the Fine Art Trade Guild standards for Conservation Framing. By using specialist framing materials and techniques, the condition of a piece of artwork or precious item will be preserved and protected from damaging environmental elements and unsuitable adhesives. This is the recommended way of looking after original artwork, limited edition prints, aged images and pieces with sentimental value or potential future value.

Price Guide:
Prices for conservation framing will be quoted after consultation and a specification has been agreed upon.

Picture Framing Home Consultations

It is good for me to see where the framed piece will hang in your home or workplace, especially if you are not sure of the style of frame you want and would like some advice.

Décor, position and lighting can affect the choice of frame moulding, mounts and even glass. If you are housebound or unable to drive and need the services of a framer, I can come to you, collect your items to be framed, discuss your requirements and deliver back to you when its all done.