Reframing and Reglazing

Frames and glass can get damaged or the materials can deteriorate over time, so in order to protect your artwork or precious photographs, reframing may be necessary. Frames can also go out of fashion and it is amazing how a new, modern, or better quality frame and mount can bring an old item back to life and help it to fit in with your new lifestyle.

Check your frames

Frames should be checked every 12 months to ensure that they are not damaged or weak and are doing their job correctly. In today's homes with central heating and changes in temperature or humidity, adhesives can dry out and become brittle, causing deterioration and reduced protection. If left unchecked, frames and artwork may come under attack from humidity, dust, insects and other environmental problems. Such damage may not be reversible.

Get professional advice

Advice and quotations are free. If in doubt, please call for advice.