Featured project: the Cycling Jersey

I was called to the home of a disabled lady, (last year, pre-Covid 19), who had a signed cycling jersey. The material was, surprisingly, very lightweight, smooth and delicate. This needed careful handling in order to frame and preserve it.

I made a template to take the shape of the jersey and covered it in quilt padding so that no sharp edges were protruding. Once the jersey was fitted over it, it was invisibly sewn to the back mountboard. The deep rebate frame was made and finished in black, with window apertures cut to the customer's request. The glass has 99% UV protection to ensure that the jersey remains as bright and vibrant as the day it was framed.

Once completed, it was delivered to the customer, who was delighted with the result.

Framing valuable items, (monetary or sentimental), must be carried out by a professional who will take every care and will ensure that the item is not damaged. Don't be afraid to ask questions about the methods and materials before you hand over anything you value.

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