Featured project: Framing a Wedding Dress

A very special surprise gift, provided an exciting challenge. The brief was to frame a beautiful wedding dress, keeping to a limited size due to the space for hanging it once framed.

As with any frame, a style, colour scheme and design was discussed and agreed upon with my client. A large box was required, for which I employed the skills of a local joiner, who did a beautiful job, whilst I got to work mounting the dress onto the backing mount board. Doing this made me see just why wedding dresses are so expensive. The work and materials involved are incredible. I had to improvise various supports, padding and reinforcements to ensure that the dress, which is very heavy, would hold in place, once upright in the frame, without causing any damage to the dress, in case it was ever to be worn again.

The box was finished inside and out, including extra strong wall mounts. The decorative outer frame was constructed and the glass cut. Once assembled, it looked amazing and the surprise gift was ready to be presented. I'm pleased to report that the recipient was delighted.

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